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  • A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an entity that helps its members realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume and using that leverage to negotiate favorable terms with various vendors. A lot of industries have GPOs already, from healthcare to hotels - but HostGPO is the first group to do this in the vacation rentals industry.

  • Once you submit your application to join, you will have to have an onboarding call first before we can approve you. Once you are approved during your onboarding call you will be able to log in to the member portal at members.hostgpo.com.

  • The onboarding call usually takes around 10 minutes and serves a few purposes: (1) we verify you qualify to join our group and approve your account (2) we get to know you and your business so we can help guide you towards the right offerings, and (3) we can show you how the member portal works and explain how to start ordering through HostGPO’s deals. Forget to schedule one? You can book a call here.

  • It’s definitely frustrating to not be able to tell you upfront exactly WHAT the deals are, but we are contractually obligated to keep that information confidential until someone becomes a member! What we CAN tell you is that most discounts are between 30-75% and most members save an average of 52% on their purchases.

  • So happy you asked! Yes, the discounts are just the surface of what HostGPO is able to offer its members. You will also get access to hospitality products not available to the general public, access to wholesale purchasing usually only given to multi-million dollar companies and preferable terms including shipping speeds and designated customer service representatives. Not to mention, access to the collective buying trends of the group saving you tons of time on finding the best products.

  • We chose our vendors because they are industry leaders whose products we use in our own units. Many of them were suggested to us by BY HostGPO members.

  • No, we are not a party to any purchases made by our members. Our role is simply to facilitate and help guide purchases.

  • No - our discounts apply to nearly all items from each vendor, not just certain styles or SKUs. We think that is important so that our members get to design and define their units as they see fit.

  • HostGPO currently has members in the US, Canada, and Mexico! Most of our vendors will ship to all three territories, though a handful are still restricted just to the US. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate in letting us know. We are excited about our expansion in other countries as well. If you’d like to join HostGPO but you live outside of our current geographic zones, feel free to email pre-register@hostgpo.com with your name and country to be added to the list to get notified when we start offering memberships to your region!

  • HostGPO members must have at least three vacation rental units to join. Those units can be actively running units or new units you’re in the process of setting up. Some exceptions can be made, for example for members of our trade association partners and members of some vacation rental group partners. If you have questions about whether you qualify, or if you think there’s an exception for you feel free to contact us, using the live chat below, e-mail us at info@hostgpo.com, or feel free to submit an application and we can review it with you during your onboarding call.

  • Yes...and no. Yes, please please tell other hosts and vacation rental groups about us. The more members we have, the stronger we get, the better our vendor deals become, and more money and time you save. That said, HostGPO is a group for hosts and people in the short term rental industry, so you are not allowed to share these deals with your Aunt Stacy...sorry Aunt Stacy.

  • Yes, we are constantly updating and improving on our vendor list. The ones displayed on our main page just scratch the surface. If you want to know more or have other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • HostGPO’s members collectively represent over 150,000 vacation rental units and we are constantly growing. Those members are as small as 3-unit hosts and as large as 3,000-units+. Each member is equally important to us, and we are all in this together!