About Us

Jeff Iloulian

Co-Founder and CEO of HostGPO

Jeff has been in the vacation rental industry for nearly a decade. He has set up, managed or operated over 250+ vacation rental properties - from cozy cabins in the woods to luxury mansions in Beverly Hills.

Jeff has successfully grown several businesses and has a passion for interdisciplinary problem solving in emerging industries. He firmly believes that the further you push outside of your comfort zone, the larger that zone becomes.

Jeff has a background in Economics and Philosophy from Columbia University and a JD from UCLA School of law. Before becoming an entrepreneur he spent three years as a lawyer practicing Business Litigation, Intellectual Property and Cybersecurity.

He enjoys playing music, eating tacos, and of course, travel!

Michael Skiles, Ph.D.

Co-founder and COO of HostGPO

After finishing undergrad at Princeton University, Michael came to Los Angeles to get his Ph.D. in Philosophy at UCLA. There, Michael served 3 terms as UCLA’s Graduate Student Body President and became active in local politics, leading a coalition of students and business people to secure the thousands of votes needed to form a new neighborhood council in Westwood to promote business and housing development. He has served as President of this board of 19 elected community leaders since its inception.

After organizing various political coalitions Michael, who also holds an MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology, was excited for the opportunity to organize a coalition of short term rental hosts to leverage our community’s collective buying power.

He enjoys political activism, strategy board games, and playing with his Goldendoodle puppy!