Choosing the best sheets for your Airbnb & vacation rentals

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Choosing the best sheets for your Airbnb & vacation rentals

Whether your properties are listed on Airbnb, VRBO, or your own direct booking site, providing a good night’s sleep is one of the most important factors in obtaining that coveted 5-star review. 

When your guest gets into bed for the first night of their stay, you’ll need a quality mattress, the right pillows, and a neatly made bed with the appropriate sheets for your property.

Our team at HostGPO is comprised of experienced hosts who have tried almost every kind of sheet in their rentals. We’ve used our expertise and experience to develop this complete guide to help you choose the best sheets for each type of Airbnb and vacation rental property.

If you want the best sheets that work for most types of properties and guests, our favorite overall Host Recommended option is Centima by Standard Textile. It is extremely durable, affordable, and feels like pure cotton.

It is also a HostGPO best seller.

Best overall Sheets

Best sheets for Airbnb - Centima by Standard Textile on a neatly made bed, showcasing their durability and guest comfortt

Centima by Standard Textile

For overall value, durability, and guest comfort, our best overall pick is the Centima line by Standard Textile. They feature patented Centium Core® technology that is surrounded by cotton threads giving you the breathability and stain lifting properties of cotton, but the durability of a synthetic. It feels like an all-cotton sheet to the touch but will last longer and is more affordable.

Centima sheeting also comes pre-laundered with Tide, so you can take it out of the box and put it straight on the bed. And it contains all of the distinct Standard Textile hospitality linen features that save you and your cleaning team time every bed-making.

Material: 70% cotton / 30% Centium Core®

Things to note:

  • Standard Textile supplies linens for all the major hotel chains, and this is their top-selling sheet

Not available to the general public. Log into HostGPO to shop.

Not all linens are created equal

You may notice that we aren’t including any sheets from Costco, Target, or other sheets on the top of many recommended lists. There’s a reason: standard bedding isn’t made to withstand the needs of vacation rental properties. Hospitality linens are designed to last longer, lift stains more easily, and have features that make them much quicker to make beds than standard linens.

And don’t even ask us about colored sheets. The answer is always white. (Find out more in our blog about white linens in vacation rentals).

Best Sheets for beach homes

Best coastal bedding - Brooklinen Chill Percale sheets on a bed, highlighting their lightweight and airy nature.

The Chill Percale by Brooklinen

Percale sheets are always our pick for endless summer because they are lightweight, airy, and crisp. They get this way due to how the threads are woven in a one-over and one-under pattern. The Brooklinen Chill Percale sheets are made with 100% cotton, which lifts stains more easily than poly and makes them extremely breathable. These sheets are durable, strong, and resistant to pilling, making them an ideal workhorse for warm weather and high turnover.

Material: 100% cotton

Things to note:

  • Wrinkles initially, which decrease over time with use
  • Initially feel stiff until they’re broken in

The Chill Percale is a Brooklinen commercial product, but the retail equivalent of the queen sheet set is $179 through Brooklinen. Log in for access to the commercial version and special HostGPO member pricing.

Brooklinen: signed, sealed, delivered

All Brooklinen pillowcases and duvet covers feature an envelope closure. For pillowcases, this helps prevent them from slipping off, but can add a slight amount of time to turnover. For duvet covers, there are no buttons to fuss with so you more than make up the time you’ve lost with the pillows.

Best eco-friendly Sheets

Top eco-friendly sheets for Airbnb - Standard Textile's Paragon Cotton, offering luxurious and sustainable bedding.

Paragon Cotton by Standard Textile

A recent VRBO study showed that 59% of travelers (nearly 3 in 5) are willing to increase their spending if it means their trip is more sustainable. 

If being environmentally-conscious is a priority for you, our top pick is Paragon Cotton, which is made from environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced, 100% BCI-certified cotton. These sheets are also treated to minimize shrinkage, and see as much as 50% less shrinkage than conventional 100% cotton products.

Pure cotton is also naturally breathable and odor-resistant, so these sheets feel cool and fresh even after multiple night stays.

Material: 100% BCI-certified cotton

Things to note: 

  • Treated with a wrinkle-resistant finish, but will show more wrinkles than blended materials
  • Ideal for higher-end properties

Not available to the general public. Log into HostGPO to shop.

Best Sheets for winter escapes

Best sheets for Airbnbs in cold climates - Brooklinen Snuggle Sateen sheets on a bed, providing warmth and coziness.

The Snuggle Sateen by Brooklinen

In contrast with percale, sateen is woven with a four over, one under pattern (similar to satin) that gives it that buttery, warm-to-the-touch feel. Brooklinen’s The Snuggle Sateen bedding feels heavy and cozy making it perfect for guests who need a good night’s sleep before a big day on the slopes. They are also wrinkle-resistant and feel soft even when new.

Material: 100% cotton

Things to note: 

  • Sateen sheets are not the most breathable option for hot climates
  • Material has a slight sheen that lessens with washing

Retail price for a queen sheet set is $189 through Brooklinen. Log in for HostGPO member pricing.

Best wrinkle-resistant Sheets

Wrinkle-resistant Airbnb bedding - Comfortwill sheets by Standard Textile, featuring advanced technology.

Comfortwill by Standard Textile

Centium Core® technology and a crease-resistant finish are what make Comfortwill sheets our recommendation for avoiding wrinkles. They also feature a subtle, tone on tone stripe pattern that can help to minimize the appearance of any lines.

Material: 70% cotton, 30% Centium Core®

Things to note: 

  • While these sheets are high-quality, they may not meet the heightened expectations of guests renting a multi-million dollar home.

Not available to the general public. Log into HostGPO to shop.

Standard Textile: Setting the standard in hospitality

Yes, there are a lot of Standard Textile linens on this list. The reason is that these Standard Textile linens were designed specifically for hospitality purposes. They feature patented technology for durability, they use an “EZ ID” colored thread system, so your cleaning team can clearly identify the size of each sheet, and their labels are all located in the bottom center making it easy to know which way the sheet goes on the bed.

Longer lasting sheets and shortened turnover time means lower expenses and increased revenues for your business.

Best luxury Sheets

Best luxury sheets for Airbnbs - Centium Satin by Standard Textile, designed for high-end vacation rentals. class=

Centium Satin by Standard Textile

These sheets were designed to be a workhorse sheet with a high-end, one-of-a-kind feel. They feature the highest percentage of Centium Core® of any Standard Textile sheets making them wrinkle resistant and extremely durable. They’ve also been treated with a special dmicro-emulsion finish that makes them soft and slick –– guests are treated to a unique and distinctive sleeping experience.

Material: 65% ring-spun, combed cotton, 35% Centium Core®

Things to note:

  • Pre-laundered with Tide®
  • Material has a slight sheen that fades with washing

Not available to the general public. Log into HostGPO to shop.

Best ultra-luxury Sheets

Top ultra-luxury sheets for vacation rentals - Mascioni by Standard Textile, made from premium Supima cotton.

Mascioni by Standard Textile

Designed in Italy and made from long-staple, Supima cotton, the Mascioni Hotel Collection is our pick for ultra-luxury properties. 

Supima cotton is a superior material that represents only 1% of cotton growth in the world. It has extremely long-staple fibers, which make it softer, stronger, and less likely to pill or fray. And as with all pure cotton, these sheets are naturally breathability and odor resistant.

Mascioni is where high-end meets hospitality quality.

Material: 100% ring-spun, combed cotton

Things to note:

  • Need to be ironed unless you don’t mind a wrinkled look
  • Priciest choice

Not available to the general public. Log into HostGPO to shop.

Best budget Sheets

Centima by Standard Textile

We know we already picked these for our best overall sheets, but they are also our pick for the best budget option. Centima is not the absolute cheapest sheet out there, but it is the best value because its durability saves you money over time. If budget is your primary concern, don’t go with the low-end sheets that will need to be replaced after a couple wash cycles –– spend slightly more on Centima to maximize your overall ROI.

Not available to the general public. Log into HostGPO to shop.

Best linen Sheets

Best linen sheets - Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen, offering a cool and textured feel for vacation rentals.t

Belgian Flax Linen by Pottery Barn

These are not hospitality grade, but if linen is a must for your property, we recommend Pottery Barn’s Belgian Flax Linen. The material is pre-washed making it much softer than standard linen, and it only gets better with time. Lightly textured and cool to the touch, these sheets are breathable, durable, relatively affordable, and great for that lived-in, casual look.

Material: 100% Belgian flax linen

Things to note:

  • Linen is not an extremely durable material and will not last as long as hospitality-grade materials

Retail price for a queen sheet set is $299 through Pottery Barn. Log in for HostGPO member pricing.

Why Not microfiber sheets?

To say we get asked about microfiber a lot would be an understatement. While it feels extremely soft to the touch, this brushed quality also tends to pill very quickly. It is also made of 100% polyester, so it doesn’t breathe and instead holds heat, and the fabric strands are very thing, making it the least durable sheeting option.

We know microfiber can be a popular choice, but we don’t recommend it as being best for any type of vacation property.

Laundry Tips for Maintaining Sheet Quality

One last important thing to note is that the way you do laundry affects the durability of your linens. Commercial laundry centers alter the pH of the wash to help with stain-lifting efficiency, which also breaks down the material fibers more quickly than a standard, home washing machine.

You will get about double the amount of wash cycles if you are cleaning your linens at home vs using a commercial laundry system.

Why you should trust us

Real hosting experience: Our team consists of hosts with diverse backgrounds and experiences in hosting vacation rental properties. This means we have firsthand knowledge of different types of properties, guest preferences, and the specific needs that arise in various situations. Whether it’s a beachfront condo, a cozy cabin in the mountains, or a luxurious urban apartment, our team members have likely encountered similar scenarios and can offer tailored advice based on our experiences.

Guest insights: As hosts ourselves, we know that the real final say comes from guests. Our recommendations are informed not only by our experience managing properties, but also by feedback from real guests who have stayed in our units.

Objective recommendations: While each team member may have their own preferences, our recommendations are based on a collective assessment of various factors, including quality, affordability, and suitability for different types of vacation rentals. We strive to provide objective guidance that aligns with the needs and preferences of a broad range of hosts and their guests.

Continuous learning and improvement: Our team is committed to staying updated on the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the vacation rental industry. We actively seek out new information, test different products, and adapt our recommendations accordingly. This dedication to ongoing learning ensures that our advice remains relevant and valuable to hosts, regardless of their level of experience.

Community insights: HostGPO fosters a sense of community, where members can share their experiences, ask for advice, and learn from one another. We (and in turn, you) benefit from a wealth of collective insights and knowledge.

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