If you don’t save more than your membership fee, we’ll refund the difference.

Our Annual Membership pricing is based on how many units you have. You can order as much, or as little as you want. Cancel anytime (but we doubt you’ll want to).

  • You account membership fee INCLUDES all of your units. So if you have 10 units, you still pay just $120 / year TOTAL. (So, it’s not per unit).

  • There is strength in numbers. We may be small individually, but as a group we have purchasing power. We are able to charge such a low membership fee because of how many hosts are in our community. We’re sure that once you join, you’ll be shocked we aren’t charging more.

  • For sure! We want you to have the full experience of being a part of our HostGPO community right away. There are no restrictions on your account during the trial period.

  • Nope. Any additional sub-user accounts that you create for your team members are included under your account so long as they are buying for the same properties. Please note: interior designers who are helping you set up your units will need their own separate account if they are ordering for other owners as well.

  • “Units” really means “properties” as opposed to “listings”. For example, if you have 5 cabins on your campground site that you rent out individually, but you also have a listing to rent out the whole campground - you still have 4 units and not 5 as far as we’re concerned!

  • Congrats on crushing it! We love that you’re so focused on growth. Your “unit count” is verified when you sign up and then re-evaluated each year on auto-renewal.

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time for no additional fee. Your subscription will run through the remainder of the year and you will not be auto-renewed after you cancel. We are not able to provide partial refunds for unused parts of the year.

  • Nah, once you’re in you’re in! You’ll have access to all of the group deals - no other charges from us after that.

  • That’s the beauty of HostGPO - you are a part of the group, so no individual purchasing minimums apply. If you need to buy all sheets and linens this year but all furniture and mattresses next year, that’s totally fine!

  • Yes. In this community, we all pull our own weight. HostGPO was built on the model that we should all have access to the same deals at the same prices. Each of us started with just a few units, we remember what that was like - we can’t wait to help you grow and scale with us.

  • While we wish we could keep giving HostGPO away for free, we need to cover the costs of our website and our team. We want to keep growing so we can offer even better deals with more and more vendors. Your contribution helps us get there.