The Best Mattress Options for Your Rental

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The Best Mattress Options for Your Rental

A mattress can make or break a vacation experience. As a host, it can be stressful to weigh your options and ensure you’re investing in a mattress that will make all different types of guests happy. We’ve partnered with the best vendors in the short-term rental industry, so our members have a variety of HostGPO approved options for all budgets and target markets.

Here’s a rundown of our mattress partners and their offerings.


Helix is one of the most popular and most awarded mattress brands in the industry, and it’s easy to see why. All of their mattresses are made of both coils and foam and come in both a standard 12” or 14” LUXE version of pure heaven. Plus, each mattress order comes with two free Helix dream pillows. 

Find a Helix Mattress store near you.

And don’t just take our word for it, Forbes named the Helix Midnight LUXE the best mattress for side sleepers in July 2022. But even your back and stomach sleeping guests will thank you for your choice–each LUXE mattress has added lumbar support for enhanced comfort no matter how your guests sleep.

PRO TIP: We recommend placing a Helix LUXE mattress in your rental’s main bedroom suite. After all, this is probably where the person who booked the stay will sleep, and don’t you want to impress the person who will leave the review?

Quick facts:

  • Standard and luxury options
  • Most awarded and most popular
  • 2 free Helix dream pillows with every order
  • 10 year warranty included
  • Free shipping in the US, Alaska and Hawaii included

Helix Hospitality

Love the idea of providing Helix mattresses in your unit but don’t think you have a Helix-sized budget? Think again. The Helix Hospitality mattress is 10” thick but offers the same 1.5” quilted top panel and several layers of memory foam, polyfoam, and coils as the main Helix brand. Plus, the pricing is seriously unbeatable.

A member recently wrote, “I like the hospitality mattresses better than the Midnight LUXE we ordered! The hospitality mattresses are slightly less firm, which I like. Our guests so far have also LOVED them!” As this member illustrates, you really can’t go wrong with any Helix product.

Quick facts summary:

  • Helix brand and quality but more budget-friendly than their main products
  • Exclusive and not available to the general public
  • Most similar in construction to the Helix Midnight Standard mattress
  • 10 year warranty included
  • Free shipping

Brooklyn Bedding

Next up, we’ve got Brooklyn Bedding. This option is ideal for hosts with budget rental properties but still want to provide a high quality mattress. Their 10” hybrid option is similar to the Helix Hospitality mattress in material makeup with layers of dense polyfoam, coils, and their signature DuraDense foam. And they also offer a 100% foam option in 9” and 11” versions.

What we love about Brooklyn Bedding is that all their products are custom made in their

Phoenix, AZ factory with the highest quality materials. Their foams are all CertiPUR-US certified, which means that the mattresses are made without ozone depleters, flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates, and they’re regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Plus, each Brooklyn Bedding mattress is made to order, meaning they haven’t been sitting in a box in a warehouse. Not only are they great for your bottom line, they’re also great for longevity.

Quick facts summary:

  • Best value mattress
  • 3 options of varying materials and sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping
  • 10 year warranty included


Oh, Canada–we didn’t forget you. Polysleep is our Canadian-based mattress partner that offers a host (pun intended) of affordable mattress options with all materials and products made100% in Canada by Canadians.

Designed by one of the company’s founders after much back pain and surgery, the 10” Polysleep mattress is made of 4 layers of foam and has a proprietary integrated foam support frame specifically designed to prevent the mattress from flattening out. It also has a layer of antimicrobial foam for a healthier, safer sleep.

They also offer other versions, including the 11.5” Zephyr model with 5 layers of foam, and the 8” Origin model, so there’s a mattress option for any of your north of the border rental needs.

Quick Facts Summary

  • 100% Canadian
  • Various options for all budgets
  • Free shipping in the US and Canada


This brand was made for rentals where sustainability is a priority. Their mattresses are unique from our other partners in that they boast all natural, organic materials, including organic cotton, wool, natural latex, and steel. 

The Birch Natural and Birch Luxe Natural mattresses are both hybrid options with foam layers and coils for ultimate support. They’re perfect for rustic mountain cabins, luxury glamping, jungle oases, nature-immersed eco-homes, or really any luxury rental that wants to go au naturale.

Quick Facts Summary

  • All natural materials
  • Luxury
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Free shipping in the US

Long story short, there is no one-size-fits-all mattress that’s best for every short term rental. We recommend considering your budget, the target market of your guests, and the brand personality of your rental in order to determine which mattress is best for your listing.

We know choosing a mattress your guests will enjoy can be a long term game of trial and error, so we hope that this post (along with our curated selection of partners) helps you save time and add stars to your review.

Learn more about becoming a HostGPO member to access details our about our exclusive deals with our mattress partners.

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