The Best Smart Locks for Airbnb & Vacation Rental Properties

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The Best Smart Locks for Airbnb & Vacation Rental Properties

When managing an Airbnb or vacation rental property, the right smart lock can make a world of difference. Traditional door lock allows you to keep your guests and property safe, but electronic smart locks offer many advantages, making them ideal for vacation rentals. This guide will help you find the best smart locks for Airbnb to enhance your guests’ experience and improve security.

Why Choose Smart Locks for Airbnb ?

Convenience: Keyless entry means no more lost keys or lockouts.

Enhanced Security: Advanced security features protect against tampering.

Remote Management: Control and monitor locks from anywhere.

Guest Satisfaction: Easy check-in and check-out process.

Best Smart Locks for Airbnb & Vacation Rentals in 2024

Here are our top smart lock picks for any Airbnb or vacation rental property. We’ve tested dozens of locks and integrations, and these are our top recommendations for vacation rental owners and property managers of all sizes.

best overall

Yale Assure 2 Lock, the best overall smart lock for Airbnb properties, featuring a sleek design and various finishes.

Yale Assure 2 Lock

Versatility and ease of use are what make the Yale Assure Lock 2 our best overall smart lock recommendation. Widely used and trusted by many owners and managers, it integrates seamlessly with various smart home and property management systems, automates your check-in process, and allows you to manage and monitor access codes remotely. 

Whether you’re a new host, an experienced host, a host managing one property, or a host managing thousands of properties, the Yale Assure Lock 2 is a simple solution to enhance your guest check-in experience and streamline your backend process.

Key Features:

Connectivity: Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and HomeKit (with additional modules).

Compatibility: Works with Yale Access App, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings.

Guest Management: Create temporary or permanent access codes.

Design: Available in various finishes and styles, including keypad and touchscreen options.


  • Wide range of smart home integrations.
  • Auto-lock and unlock functionality.
  • Robust guest access management.


  • Requires additional modules for certain smart home integrations.

Retail price is $159.99 through Yale. Log in for HostGPO member pricing.

Best for an easy Airbnb integration

Schlage Encode Lock with built-in Wi-Fi and direct Airbnb integration for seamless guest access.

Schlage Encode Lock

The Schlage Encode Lock features built-in wifi along with a direct integration with Airbnb, which allows you to automatically generate unique access codes that are sent to each guest through the Airbnb app. No need to integrate through a PMS system or other connectivity software–this is a straightforward, WiFi-enabled lock with excellent security features and direct compatibility with Airbnb.

Key Features:

Connectivity: Built-in WiFi for direct connection.

Compatibility: Works with Schlage Home app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Ring.

Guest Management: Supports up to 100 access codes.

Security: Built-in alarm technology for added security.


  • Easy installation with no need for additional hubs.
  • Direct integration with Airbnb
  • Durable and stylish designs.


  • Limited to WiFi for smart home integration.

Retail price is $229.00 through Home Depot. Log in for HostGPO member pricing.

Best for a simple, modern design

Kwikset Halo 2 smart lock with a minimalist design and advanced security features.

Kwikset Halo Lock Contemporary

The Kwikset Halo Lock combines a minimalist look with user-friendly features and strong security measures, making it a solid choice for many vacation rentals. It’s ideal for hosts who prioritize ease-of-use and robust security in a straightforward package.

Key Features:

Connectivity: Built-in WiFi for easy setup.

Compatibility: Works with Kwikset app, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Guest Management: Create up to 250 unique user codes.

Security: SmartKey Security technology to protect against advanced break-in techniques.


  • High number of user codes.
  • SmartKey Security for additional protection.
  • Simple app interface for lock management.


  • Limited integration with other smart home systems.

Retail price is $199.00 through Home Depot. Log in for HostGPO member pricing.

Best for an entire smart home integration

Google Nest Yale Lock is integrated with the Google Nest ecosystem for complete smart home management.

Yale Nest Lock

For vacation rental properties that want to enhance their guest experience and streamline their management through whole home smart technology, the Yale Nest Lock stands out as a top choice. This lock’s deep integration with the Google Nest ecosystem makes it ideal for property owners who utilize Google’s suite of devices alongside other smart home devices within a single app environment.

Key Features:

Smart Home Integration:  Fully integrates with the Google Nest ecosystem, allowing for seamless operation with Google Assistant and other Nest devices 

Remote Access and Monitoring:  Manage access from anywhere through the Nest app, view access history, receive alerts.

High Security: Benefits from Nest’s industry-leading security protocols.

Keyless Entry:  Allows guests to unlock using unique passcodes, enhancing convenience and security.


  • Comprehensive integration with Google Nest provides a unified management dashboard for all connected devices.
  • The ability to generate and revoke passcodes remotely caters perfectly to vacation rental properties.
  • Enhanced security features such as tamper alerts and the ability to check lock status in real-time from anywhere.


  • Dependent on the internet for full functionality, which might be a limitation in areas with unstable connectivity.
  • Being part of a closed ecosystem, it lacks compatibility with non-Google smart home systems.

Retail price is $249.00 through Google. Log in for HostGPO member pricing.

Best for properties in remote areas

Igloo Home Deadbolt 2s

Igloo Home Deadbolt 2S, a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock is ideal for Airbnb properties without reliable internet.

The Igloo Home Deadbolt 2S features PIN code access without the need for Wi-Fi, making it ideal for areas without reliable internet.

Key Features:

Connectivity: Bluetooth-enabled, with PIN code access that doesn’t require WiFi.

Compatibility: Works with Igloo Home app, Airbnb, and other rental platforms.

Guest Management: Generate time-sensitive PIN codes and Bluetooth keys.

Design: Sleek, modern design with various finishes.


  • Offline PIN code generation.
  • Integration with Airbnb for automatic code generation.
  • Modern and stylish design.


  • Limited remote access features compared to Wi-Fi-enabled locks.

Retail price is $209.99 through Igloo Home. Log in for HostGPO member pricing.

Best for coastal properties and harsh environments

Yale Pro 2 smart lock is the best smart lock for Airbnbs in coastal regions prone to harsh weather conditions.

Yale Pro 2

The Yale Pro 2 smart lock is an exceptional choice for properties located in coastal regions prone to harsh weather conditions. With its advanced corrosion resistance and robust build, the Yale Pro 2 ensures reliability and functionality even in high humidity and salt air environments, which can degrade typical locks over time.

Key Features:

Enhanced Durability: Specifically designed to withstand corrosive coastal climates, ensuring longevity and security.

Weatherproof Construction:  Built with materials that resist rust and corrosion

Smart Home Integration:  Compatible with major home automation systems for seamless security management.

Remote Access:  Manage access from anywhere, ensuring guests can always enter the property without issues, despite the outdoor conditions 


  • Highly resistant to the elements, making it ideal for locations that experience frequent sea spray or heavy rains.
  • Offers convenient features like remote locking and unlocking, which is perfect for hosts who manage their properties remotely.
  • Integrates easily with most property management systems, enhancing guest experience and operational efficiency.


  • Requires consistent WiFi connection for optimal use of all smart features.

Retail price is $239.99 through Home Controls. Log in for HostGPO member pricing.

Choosing the Right Connectivity Option

When selecting the best smart lock for your Airbnb or vacation rental property, understanding the different connectivity options – Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, or Bluetooth – and their implications is crucial.  Here’s how to decide which option is best for you.

  • WiFi Connected Locks:  Ideal for property owners and operators who prioritize remote access and real-time control over their properties.  Wi-Fi connectivity allows for direct integration with online rental platforms and property management systems, enabling automatic code generation and scheduling.
  • Z-Wave Connected Locks: Best for integrating with a broader home automation system.  Z-Wave locks communicate with a hub, which can then connect to the internet.  This setup is ideal if you’re looking to extend connectivity to multiple devices and systems within the home such as water sensors or lighting.  One thing to consider, however, is this may require additional software.
  • Bluetooth Locks:  Suitable for simpler setups or properties with limited internet service.  These locks typically offer local connectivity via smartphone apps, which is sufficient for basic guest management but lacks the remote functionality of WiFi or Z-Wave options.

When integrating your smart locks with a vacation rental property management systems confirm compatibility with your lock’s connectivity type to ensure seamless operation.  Most PMS platforms support WiFi and Z-Wave options, which can automatically synchronize guest codes with booking schedules, enhancing both security and convenience.

Why you should trust us

Real hosting experience: Our team consists of hosts with diverse backgrounds and experiences in hosting vacation rental properties. This means we have firsthand knowledge of different types of properties, guest preferences, and the specific needs that arise in various situations. Whether it’s a beachfront condo, a cozy cabin in the mountains, or a luxurious urban apartment, our team members have likely encountered similar scenarios and can offer tailored advice based on our experiences.

Guest insights: As hosts ourselves, we know that the real final say comes from guests. Our recommendations are informed not only by our experience managing properties, but also by feedback from real guests who have stayed in our properties.

Objective recommendations: While each team member may have their own preferences, our recommendations are based on a collective assessment of various factors, including quality, affordability, and suitability for different types of vacation rentals. We strive to provide objective guidance that aligns with the needs and preferences of a broad range of hosts and their guests.

Continuous learning and improvement: Our team is committed to staying updated on the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in the vacation rental industry. We actively seek out new information, test different products, and adapt our recommendations accordingly. This dedication to ongoing learning ensures that our advice remains relevant and valuable to hosts, regardless of their level of experience.

Community insights: HostGPO fosters a sense of community, where members can share their experiences, ask for advice, and learn from one another. We (and in turn, you) benefit from a wealth of collective insights and knowledge.

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