The Hotter Otter

Member Spotlight: The Hotter Otter

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The Hotter Otter

Member Spotlight: The Hotter Otter

Welcome to the captivating world of Chris Karam, the creative mind behind The Hotter Otter—a stunning property nestled in the breathtaking Outer Banks of North Carolina. As a real estate professional turned short-term rental entrepreneur, Chris has poured his passion and expertise into transforming this stunning 6-bedroom, 6 ½ bath oasis. And just like the hit Netflix show set in these coastal lands, Chris’s journey is filled with excitement and adventure.

But that’s not all—Chris’s partnership with HostGPO has been key in bringing his vision to life. From furniture and décor to those special touches that make The Hotter Otter truly unforgettable, HostGPO has been there every step of the way.

How many years have you been in the short-term rental industry and how did you get started?

I purchased my first home 9 months ago and I had the idea from listening to podcasts. I am a real estate professional by trade. I first completed a fix-n-flip while costs of lumber were skyrocketing, then I started shopping for multi-family buildings but was being outbid by aggressive cash offers. After that, I started researching short-term rentals and fell in love with the idea of having a hospitality business.

What do you find most rewarding about your career?

The best part of my career is the vast experience I’ve gained through many different facets of real estate over a 10+ year career and I’m constantly trying to learn more. My experience consists of evaluating commercial real estate, underwriting commercial real estate, hard money lending, property management of multi-family buildings, project management for construction projects, rehabbing single-family homes, and real estate brokerage. 

What is your favorite rental property you have and why do you love it?

My only rental property is The Hotter Otter. It’s a 6 bedroom 6 1/2 bath in Outer Banks, NC. I’m really proud of this property because I remodeled it myself and my wife picked out all the art and furniture. While I was at the property remodeling it, I discovered kiteboarding. I’m still in awe of how big this sport is there! 

What’s the craziest story you have from hosting?

I’ve only had a few guests so no crazy stories. My favorite story is my first guest. While staying at the home, they messaged me and expressed interest in renting an entire month next year. It’s a great feeling after pouring so much time into the house and knowing other people are going to enjoy it!

The Hotter Otter bedroom

What’s one “pro-tip” you’d be willing to pass on to the community?

Educate yourself. I like to listen to short-term rental podcasts and listen to audiobooks to better myself. 

What’s the most recent item that you can remember that you’ve ordered from HostGPO?

We created an office with a whale theme and almost everything in this room was purchased through HostGPO from the light fixture, furniture, art, and curtains.

What would you tell others about whether to join HostGPO?

It’s worth it!

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