Twilight Ranch rental with wood walls

Member Spotlight: Investerre

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Twilight Ranch rental with wood walls

Member Spotlight: Investerre

Leah Tremblay

Meet Leah Tremblay, Founder and CEO of Investerre, a seasoned player in the short-term rental industry for over 8 years. Leah and her husband ventured into real estate investing in Hawaii, driven by their passion for hospitality. Their portfolio boasts remarkable properties, with Four Palms in Princeville, HI, holding a special significance as their inaugural investment. Leah uses HostGPO for sourcing quality hospitality products like Public Goods amenities, elevating guest experiences effortlessly.

How many years have you been in the short-term rental industry and how did you get started?

We have been in the industry for 8 years (hard to believe!). My husband and I started investing in short-term rentals in Hawaii when we were priced out of the local real estate market (California at the time). We knew we wanted to get into real estate and it was great to dive in – as they say, the best time to invest in real estate was yesterday, the second best time is today!

What do you find most rewarding about your career?

Hearing about the positive experiences guests have in their reviews or the guest books. We have had engagements, celebrations, weddings, and just so many wonderful guests.

What is your favorite rental property you have and why do you love it? 

The Four Palms in Princeville Hawaii has an extra special place in my heart (all our properties have a special place in my heart though!). This was our first investment, and also in the same condo project where my husband and I honeymooned! 

What’s the craziest story you have from hosting?

One time there was a hurricane in Hawaii and our guests got stuck! (their flight was canceled)…and we had back-to-back bookings! But the next guests also couldn’t travel in because of the storm so thankfully we were able to let the current guests stay another night and it all worked out but still a crazy day!

What’s one “pro-tip” you’d be willing to pass on to the community?

Take advantage of dynamic pricing! We love pricelabs for their dynamic pricing and they pay for themselves and then some every single month!

What’s the most recent item that you can remember that you’ve ordered from HostGPO?

Public goods hospitality products (shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion!), LOVE them! Nice products and beautifully designed packages!

What would you tell others about whether to join HostGPO?

Do it! The platform is great and the discounts speak for themselves!

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