Member Spotlight: Treehouse Investments

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Member Spotlight: Treehouse Investments

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with HostGPO member and co-owner of Treehouse Investments, Adrienne Schwartz. Adrienne and her team have been in the short-term rental industry since 2020 when they listed their farmhouse on Airbnb during the pandemic. Since then, they have added two more properties to their portfolio and have worked with HostGPO to furnish and transform their rentals. Adrienne shared with us some of the challenges she faced along the way and how HostGPO helped her overcome them.

Read on to learn more about Adrienne’s journey in the short-term rental industry and her experience with HostGPO.

How many years have you been in the short-term rental industry and how did you get started?

We have been in the STR business since 2020 when we opened up our farmhouse to Airbnb during Memorial Day of the pandemic. We were ready to travel and it rented right away.

Where is your rental unit located?

We have 3 rentals. One is a farmhouse on 16 acres in Brenham and we have two homes in Buena Vista, Colorado. Our newest is in Buena Vista, were we used HostGPO to full furnish our home.

Treehouse Investments

How long did it take you to transform your unit and what type of theme were you trying to achieve?

We did a long lease back to the previous owners so had 6 months to order custom furniture and have it ready for installation. Installation of the major furniture happened in a day and the new counters, paint touch up and decorating took about a week.

What were some challenges that you experienced along the way in your transformation?

Definitely coordinating the furniture design and delivery during a specified week so we could get it installed- all from afar. Making sure everything was delivered within our narrow window and making sure it would fit without being in the space was where HostGPO and Pottery Barn design services were invaluable.

What are your favorite products that you’ve purchased through HostGPO for your unit transformation and why?

All of my new furnishings are favorites, but I love the Crate and Barrel dishes that are on display on our open shelves. So functional and beautiful.

What do you enjoy most about being a HostGPO member?

Good discounts and good customer service.

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