Member Transformation: Stay Native

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Member Transformation: Stay Native

We had the pleasure of interviewing Alexandra, the founder of Stay Native, a short-term rental company located in the picturesque neighborhood of Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles. With stunning views of the iconic Hollywood Sign and a central location that makes it ideal for exploring the city’s popular attractions, Beachwood Canyon is the perfect spot for visitors looking to experience the best of LA. Alexandra shares her journey of how she got started in the short-term rental industry and what influenced her decision to choose Beachwood Canyon for her properties. She also talks about her love for being a host and shares her favorite HostGPO products.

How many years have you been in the short-term rental industry and how did you get started?

I’ve been in the short-term rental industry for 2 years now. I used to work at Santa Monica Proper before the pandemic and I would always have guests who would stay for a month or two at a time. When I asked the guests why they wouldn’t rent an apartment, they all expressed how they needed more hotel amenities during their stays.  A few months later, the pandemic hit and a few of my friends who were living in New York asked if they could stay at my apartment in Los Angeles for a few months since they were working remotely and wanted to escape the cold.

What made you choose Beachwood Canyon for your properties? 

I loved the location in LA. It’s a beautiful and iconic small community in LA that a lot of people don’t know about. I love the neighborhood feel and that everyone seems to know each other when you’re waking up and down the street. It’s very central if you like to visit West Hollywood, Hollywood, Echo Park, Silverlake, and Los Feliz. And it’s pretty amazing to see the Hollywood sign so close up as you drive up the street to the property.

What do you love about it? Did it influence your design decisions?

I loved the old Spanish-style feel the building had. It has a beautiful vibrant green courtyard with a charming pond and fireplace and I wanted to bring some of that feel into the units by doing Spanish-style tile, restoring the original 1920s hardwood flooring and the furniture and artwork.

What’s the funniest guest experience you’ve had while being a host?

It’s not a funny experience, but I love that a lot of our guests become friends while staying at the property because they all hang out in the courtyard.

What do you love the most about being a host?

Providing a unique and comfortable stay in LA. I love curating a guest’s experience. 

What are 3 tips for other hosts?

Respond quickly, curate the guest’s experience from the first email you send all the way through the end of their stay, and maintain the rooms! 

What are your favorite products that you’ve purchased through HostGPO?

Public goods! I love all the items I’ve gotten from public goods because the branding is so nice and the products work so well!

What do you love about HostGPO?

All the different brands and categories they have! I also love finding new companies on the platform that I end up loving like Public Goods! 

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